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The Father/The Son/The Holy Spirit

God the Father
God is the perfect Father. He loves all of his creation. He made everything perfect. When humans chose to not believe God, our spirit died, and we got infected with sin and separated from God. A hole developed in our souls that longs for God. God has a plan for everything that happens in His creation. Only God knows each and every person's plan. Until each person gets to know him there is a hole in their soul aching to be filled. Human beings are constantly looking to fill this hole in their soul. Only when we choose to believe God and know who he is do we find healing for our soul. When we come to him, he awakens our spirit and helps us choose the divine ways over the sinful human nature ways. Only he can fill this hole in us with himself and satisfy our every longing in life. The things of the world are destructive and only when we realize sin is destructive and is not fulfilling this hole in our soul, will we seek God, find Him, and be healed.


God the Son
God the Son is the perfect sacrifice. Jesus Christ chose to pay the sacrifice for our sinful human race. God in his awesome mercy came to earth in a body to pay himself the penalty for sin so that all human beings could be reconciled to himself and their spirits could be awakened and healed. He basically exchanged our sinful life for His righteous life. When we accept the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus' Blood to pay our sin debt, we are credited with his righteous life and are holy and blameless. God sees us through the perfect Blood of Jesus. Only the perfect blood of Jesus to pay our sacrifice makes us worthy for heaven. Because we are seen this way in God's sight, we try to do right. We can not earn our way into heaven; it is a gift that must be accepted. In honor of that gift, we are grateful and chose to love God and find out what his specific plan for us is, and then we do it by his power, not ours.


God the Holy Spirit
God the Holy Spirit is the perfect helper. The Christian life is not lived in our strength. The Holy Spirit is given to us when we believe that Jesus died for us. He is the one that helps us Hear, Listen, and Do our plan. The Holy Spirit is the power; we are to surrender to his leading and guidance. Everything is a choice to choose through the divine nature, not our human nature. It is certainly not a feeling, it is always a choice. We will not be perfect on this side of heaven, but we will be growing from glory to glory as we follow the Holy Spirit's leading. He will teach us all we need to know about God through the word of God, which the Holy Spirit wrote through humans. What Glory and Mercy our Father has for us. Praise God.

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