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The Gospel in my own words.

God created heaven and the earth and everything in it. He created it perfect. Because he wanted human beings to have a choice whether or not to love him back for whom he was, he made humans with a free will to choose.

The first human beings chose to believe that God was not who he said he was and that he was trying to hold something good back. This lie is still perpetuated even today. The first time that human beings chose to believe the lie, it infected the entire race with a disease called sin. We are a sinful people. Or another way to explain what happened is that instead of having a divine nature like God, the choice to partake of the knowledge of good and evil, made our spirit die and we had only a human nature.

Jesus Christ is God in human flesh. He came to earth to tell us the truth. God loves human beings so much that he came to earth to show us. He came to give his life for ours so that we could be free of the power of the disease called sin. If we believe Him, he revives our spirit, and we can choose the divine nature, and walk in his ways instead of our own ways. Only then we will be free. Each day and each moment of every day is a choice between His ways or ours. In Christ we have freedom from ourselves, other people, destructive habits, evil, and the world's ways and thoughts.

God did not want us to be alone. After Jesus Christ paid the penalty for the human race and was raised from the dead, the power of evil was broken. Our world still has evil, but now we all have a choice to choose good. For those that choose to believe God and Jesus, he sends the Holy Spirit into their heart to transform them into a new creature. Not merely human beings but now divine beings.

Everyday must be lived surrendered to the power of God. You will not be perfect on this side of heaven, but rest assured, you will be made perfect when the new Kingdom comes to earth after it is destroyed again. This will happen to wipe out evil and sin, when the time comes. Until then, we are to tell people all about the Kingdom to save as many sinful souls as possible.

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