| God Loves Us So Much He Sent Jesus|

God Loves You. He does not want you to stay in bondage.

How is your Heart?

When Adam and Eve sinned, they introduced wickedness into the human heart by choosing to listen to evil over good. At that time we lost our spiritual life. We were born into sin with a dead spirt. Now, there is a constant battle going on for your heart and soul. The battle is internal and external. We are deceived by the world and even by ourselves. We feel this hole in our heart and we are constantly trying to fill it. However, the only thing that can fill it is God.

Until we make the choice of which side we want to be on, the heart is automatically in the side of wickedness, for that is the side the whole world is currently under and therefore all human's know experientially They cannot see because their spirit is dead.

However, the GOOD NEWS is we can choose to become alive. We can be born again with a new spirit and a new heart. The choice may be ours but, only God can actually change the heart.

Behavior change does not equate to a heart change. You can have a change in behavior from behavior modification, however, that does not eradicate the wickedness within. Just because we can do right does not mean we are righteous. We could still want our own prideful independent way deep in our heart. This is why some people think they are saved and are doing good works but are really not even saved. Only God can give us a true transformation from within that will permeate to the outside. Only then are we truly saved and victorious. So, you do not think you are wicked within?

Take the test....Test my heart.

Did you know that you are a sinner? Here is the sinner test.....Test myself for sin.
God's Law says that if you break one law, at one time, you have broken them all.
(Hint: we have all broken them, do not fear being a sinner, God can change you with His grace. But you can have new life once you see that you are sinful and ask for the Remedy: Jesus) See, Jesus came to the earth to save us from our sin and eternal death, not to condemn us. Although condemnation will come on the earth at the judgement, however, Now is the time of salvation. Won't you choose to have new life?

If you choose God's ways, look at all the things He offers you.

The only way to have a heart change is to surrender your heart to Christ. Decide to live for Him and his ways. He has a perfect plan for you and wants you to follow it. He created your life and knows all things. He can guide you in perfect peace. The choice is yours. We get to decide, but Only God does the change. If we think we are changing it, we are in works of the flesh.

How do I ask for the Remedy - Jesus. How do I repent?


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