Guidance for Life Journey

Trust God My Heart
He Reigns over ALL creation Broken
His Will, will be done Submissive
Everyday - Every Moment Enjoy being with Him Dependent
I am never alone
God is all I need My Attitude
Only God Satisfies Trust Him
Accept Circumstances
Trust God Deposit myself
He Loves Me
He Wants to take care of me Pray for
His ways are higher than our ways Strength
God Knows the Way Peace
Don't Worry
Don't Figure In Convenant
Don't Think (too much) Won't Change
I am crucified
Rest In Him Jesus lives through me
Focus on Jesus
Stay in His arms - He carries me
He Takes care of everything
Let the Spirit Be In Control
His power not mine
Mind, mouth, heart, soul, and body are His
I do not change things, Only GOD changes things.
Kill your flesh.
God is working everything together for my good
Journey - He is not in a hurry
Embrace my cross, this too shall pass
Cross makes you stronger and brings glory to God
Go with the Flow
Let Go and Let God
God IS in Control
Others are working out their own salvation with Him
What's it to you? - You follow Me.
Don't Give up Peace, Joy, or Hope
Refocus: God loves me and takes care of me
I am in Christ: by his sacrifice not by my works.
I am seen as righteous, justified, complete and whole
I have Peace with God, he sees me in Jesus
I have Joy, God is taking care of my needs
I have Hope, my life's journey is getting better and better
Don't let go of your Peace, it passes understanding.

©Live 4 the LORD