God Loves You.

In fact, God loves you so much that he chose to give up heaven for a time, come down to earth, walk as a man, die to pay the price of sin, so that you could be reconciled to himself forever.

He has made the sacrifice to himself, for himself, by himself, all for you. God is holy and can not have sin in his presence, so someone had to take the penalty for the sin. Jesus Christ took the punishment so that you could be declared not guilty and be able to be with God forever.

Not only that, but please, imagine this....

"He's my protector. My provider. He gives me security and soothes my nerves after a rough day. He rejuvenates me and encourages me, just when I need it. And he points me in the right direction with wonderful godly advice. Although I fear the future or my own failure at times, I don't need to. He's always by my side, both physically and emotionally to get me through what lies ahead. He comforts me and puts me at ease when I face tension or opposition. He makes me feel special and called, assuring me of my purpose in life. His love for me is all I will ever need. I'm confident that I will experience happiness and joy the rest of my life becuase he and I will be together forever."

Does this sound to good to be true? It is not. This is God. This is a paraphrase of Psalm 23. How awesome God loves us and wants to help us through life.


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